Sunday, May 19, 2013

Notebook files - SMARTBoard, anyone?

Hi folks!  A quick question for you all.  I would love your feedback on this.  I've been busy creating common core math games in my notebook software to use on the SMARTBoard, and then I export the jpeg and create a PDF of the game as well.  I've been selling both as a zip file on TPT.  Here are two examples.  You can click on the picture to take a closer look.

I love using these games first on the SMARTBoard because it allows me to make sure everyone understands the rules of the game, and I can make observations as to whether or not a child has grasped a concept fully.  I can't always see how a child solves a problem when they are playing the PDF games with a partner on the floor unless I happen to be in just the right spot at just the right time.

My questions to you are:
1.  Would you have a need for the SMARTBoard version?
2.  If not, can you tell from my product description that there is also a PDF file that you can use to play the game?
3.  Would zipping both together deter you from buying the game?

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A New Blog Address and a Welcome to My New Blog Freebie for You

 Hi friends, and welcome to my new blog!  I feel like I've bought a new home, and I'm having an open house today.  Feel free to come in, take a look around, stop for a treat or two, and be sure to grab your free resource on the way out the door!

Click here to download this item.
Today, I'm offering you an exciting new freebie -- for me, anyway, because it is my first attempt at making an editable product.  I sure hope I did it right.  I created desktags for back to school.  I made it so you can type in your students' names for neat presentation.  I included 28 tags total, but if you need more, I believe you can duplicate the page in PowerPoint to get more tags.

In case this high-tech stuff is a challenge for you, I also included a PDF of one sheet of desktags.  You can print out as many as you need and handwrite the names.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Blog Hop Winners (and a Smartboard game for you)!

Hey, friends!  I'm recycling an old post to link up with TeachingMOMster and SOL Train's guest blog on math centers.  I've got a fun, fun math game in SMARTBoard format for you to download and try out with your kiddos. It's called Hang Ten, and we use it to practice making 10's.  You can tweak it to make it as simple as you need to work in your class.  I used it towards the end of the 3rd quarter, so I allowed the kids to either add or subtract from the number they rolled to get to 10.  Directions are shown in the post.  Just scroll down past the Teacher Appreciation blog hop information.  Enjoy!

Thank you all for participating in our blog hop.
blog sto[ winners button

We had over 11,000 entries! Wow, that is truly an amazing number of entries. Our three lucky winners have been pulled, and I'm thrilled to announce them!

Number 1 Prize, winner of the gift card package, is . . .

[teacher appreciation winner button _1
Congratulations Linda K!

Number 2 Prize, the winner of the customized room theme plus great beginning of the year activities . . .
teacher appreciation button _2
Congrats Emma!

Number 3 prize winner, the winner of their choice of an item from each blog hop sponsor's store . . .

teacher apprecition winner button 3
Congrats Karyn W.!

Congratulations to all three winners!  I hope you all feel like winners with all the fantastic free items you were able to collect while hopping through our blogs!
           START HERE!
My current fan freebie is up on my Facebook page.  If you downloaded it, you know it is an end of the year game called "Hang Ten" where the children practice making tens.
hang ten smartboard

I converted that game into a Smartboard game and played it on Friday with my kids.

hang ten smartboard 1

It's played the same, but instead of partners playing against each other, we play it as team one against team two.  It's a great way to introduce the game and be sure that everybody understands the rules, and it gave me a chance to see who understood the concept of adding to or subtracting from to make 10.  My kids loved the game and begged me to play again, but we ran out of time, so we'll play again this week.
If you have a Smartboard and would like this game, you can download it by clicking on the picture below.  Enjoy!
Hang Ten PDF File_1
click here for free Smartboard Notebook file of this game.

rules for playing Hang Ten.

Enjoy your week, everyone!  How many days do you have left?  We're counting down now.  We have 13.5 school days left!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale and a Special Deal for Blog and FacebookFriends!


By now, I'm sure you've heard about the BIG two-day Teachers Pay Teachers Teacher Appreciation sale going on May 7 and 8.  Everything will be on sale 20 percent off in my store, and if you use code TAD13 at check out, you will get an extra 10 percent off for a total of 28% off!

As a special thank you to my blog and Facebook followers, I have a special deal for you!  If you purchase two items from my store, I will send you the google docs link to download my newest item "Intonation -  Whoooo Can Read the Way They Talk?"  It's a cute one or two day mini lesson about paying attention to punctuation when we read and reading the way we talk, which is not like robots!  Here's the preview of the resource.

Whoooo Can demo

Whoooo Can demo 2

All you have to do to claim your special deal is purchase two items from my store, email me at with your TPT user name, and I will verify your purchase and send you the link to Google Docs to download your free item!

Remember, I will be at work tomorrow and Wednesday and won't be able to send out the link until after 4:00 PM each day!

Happy shopping, everyone!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Welcome to the Teacher Appreciation Extravaganza Blog Hop -- Stop 4!


Welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone, to the Teacher Appreciation Extravaganza Blog Hop!  What exactly is a Teacher Appreciation Extravaganza Blog Hop, you ask?  Well, it is a fantastic blog hop, which in and of itself is so much fun because each blog you visit is going to give you a FREEBIE to help ease you out of the school year or ease you into the next school year, or both!

But that's not all!  There is going to be three -- yes, three, different prize packages that you will be able to enter at one of the blogs.  Here's the first prize package, the Grand Prize, so to speak...



Pamper yourself with $230.00 worth of gift cards to various retailers.

The second fabulous prize package is called "Spend Your Summer Worry-free."  Who doesn't want to have a worry-free summer??



Get ready for back to school with a custom made room theme of your choice, as well as one donation from each blogger to make your back-to-school worry-free with resources to start the school year.[/caption]

And the last prize package is the "New Ideas for your Classroom" package.

You will get to choose one item of your choice from each participating blogger's store.[/caption]

How extravagant are those prizes??

This is stop 4 on the blog hop.

Thanks for bouncing into stop 4 on the Teacher Extravaganza blog hop!

For my freebie, I'm offering you this Summer Reading Journal.  At our school, each teacher posts links for recommended summer reading lists for their grade level.   I wanted to standardize the summer reading experience for my incoming students, so I created this log, which includes sheets for recording and rating the stories, and half-sheet book reports for the students to complete about the stories they read.  They can staple it all together and turn it in to me at the beginning of next year.

If you would like to download this freebie, you can get it from my TPT store by clicking on the picture below.

My Summer Reading Log-001
Click here to visit my TPT store and download your freebie.

While you're there, neb around in my store and see what you would like to add to your wish list for the TPT Teacher Appreciation sale.  My whole store will be on sale at 20% off.  Add the code TAD13 and you will get 28% off everything!

ta sale

Next up on the Teacher Appreciation Extravaganza Blog Hop is the fabulous Christi Fultz of Ms. Fultz's Corner.  Just click the button below to see what Christi is offering you today.
Click here to visit Ms. Fultz's Corner.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, everyone!

P.S.-If you're a bit of an obsessive compulsive person (and what teacher isn't, just a bit?) like me and need to start with #1, you  can click on the first picture above announcing the blog hop.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Do We Appreciate Teachers? You bet we do!

And to prove it, we've got the best, most awesomest, super fantabulous blog hop planned for teacher appreciation week, from freebies to help you end your school year to a grand prize of -- well, put it
this way, you won't want to miss this hop!


The hop starts May 5th, so be sure to check back then!   Oh, I'm so excited!!!

To make your waiting a bit easier, be sure to check my Facebook page for a little freebie I uploaded that may be useful to you for the end of the end of the year, and don't forget, the Rafflecopter giveaway on my Facebook page ends tomorrow at midnight.  You still have time to enter that as well.

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