Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween This-n-That, A Flash Sale, and a Freebie at the End!

Hi friends!  Just a quick Halloween eve post in case you are not a Facebook follower.

I can't believe it's Halloween time already. Then the time falls back on Saturday, and we will be in darkness by 5:15 or so. Flannel jammy weather is upon us.

We were stuffing my daughter's treat bags this evening, and it was sort of sad because I realized this is the last time we will do that. Next year, she will be at the intermediate school, and they do not party. She's growing up fast!

At my school, my firsties get to have a small party. Moms will come in and help run the party with a snack, a craft, and a game. We don't have much time, just around 55 minutes. But the kids really look forward to it.

I found the cutest craft on pinterest that they will do tomorrow. My type of craft -- quick, easy, and not too expensive!

Does your class celebrate Halloween? 

And finally, as a special treat, I am throwing a one-day sale tomorrow at my store. EVERYTHING will be 20% off.

Here's a little treat for you, a little freebie for you to put away for next year.  It's a monthly word bank poster you can assemble and display along with your word wall for seasonal writing words.  Click on either picture to download.

Happy Halloween!

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