Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scooted for the First Time

I had my observation last Thursday.  You know, the one where the principal comes in and watches you and evaluates your teaching (only this time it wasn't the principal, it was the sort of assistant principal.)

When I was very young, I would get so, so nervous about these observations.  I would plan and prep and prepare and VISUALIZE my observation from beginning to end.  I don't stress over them quite as much as I used to -- well, honestly, not even close to how I used to stress about observations.  Now, the day before (or two before if I'm feeling really productive) I sort of scratch my head and go what should I do for my observation?

So Tuesday during my lunch break that runs into my prep, so I get an 80! minute break on Tuesday, I was scrolling through TpT trying to decide what to do to go along with my vowel patterns "ee" and "ea" make the long E sound lesson.  I had my SMARTBoard review and intro planned using the Fridge Magnets.  I had my reference chart from my shop to use as a reference.  All I needed was an activity, something fun and engaging.  I stumbled upon Rachel Lynette's Long E task cards, and they looked like they would fit the bill perfectly.  Easy clues to read, check.  Words all use ee or ea, check.  Awesome.  These will be great!  But I don't want to use them as task cards.  Hmm, I can use them as a scoot-type game.  Perfect!
I set it up, explained the rules to the kids, and we practiced how to scoot from clue to clue and find the word on the SMARTBoard to match the clue.  During my observation, the kids did a beautiful job on this game, and the sort of assistant principal was very impressed with the whole lesson.  Had my post observation conference today and she couldn't say enough about how much she liked the lesson, the activity, the scoot game, all of it.  Only commendations, no recommendations.  Yay!

So my tip is not to stress out over observations and evaluations.  All you can do is what you do.  Trust me, it's better than good enough.  What you do everyday in the classroom is AMAZING, and anyone who thinks it is not should just try it.  When in doubt, check out TpT.  There's always something there that will take your teaching to the next level.

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