Saturday, November 8, 2014

And It's November!

I can't believe how the time is flying this year!  Halloween is done and gone, and it is November already.  Are you as amazed by this time flying as I am?

We've had an fun fall in our classroom.  We've learned about the communities, using this super new pack that I developed.

We also spent a good bit of time on our Skeleton unit in October since I only have science two days a week.

The kids are really enjoying these activities, and they love the idea of having a science interactive notebook!  


 We assembled and read our flipbook, then we underlined the important facts from the informational text.

We used our flipbook to pinpoint three major functions of the skeleton.

We learned the "kid friendly" names of the major bones in the body.  There are also cards for the proper names of bones.

There are still a few more sections that we need to complete with this unit, but I'm putting on the back burner for next week because I want to cover Veterans Day in social studies.  Speaking of, have you seen my fabulous Veterans Day resource?  
There are so many wonderful activities for learning about Veterans Day and activities you can do within your school community and as community outreach for local Veterans.  One user shared her idea on my feedback...

"My kinders always make something special for the vets in the hospital here. Your cards and wreath project are perfect!"

Another buyer had this to say about the differentiation within the unit...

"OH WOW! This is so awesome and wonderfully differentiated for different learners and their levels! Thank you!"

Now for the really great news!  This resource is currently on sale @ 33% off on Educents!  Click on the picture above to visit the listing and view this resource up close. 

As always, I like to leave you with a nice freebie for staying with me this long.  Right click on the picture below and "save image as" to your desktop to print and use this portion of my Veterans Day resource.

I developed these notes to use when my son left for boot camp almost two years ago.  I put them out at his graduation/going away party, and his friends and family all jotted notes to him on them.  Throughout his time at boot camp, I sent him a note a day.  When he is deployed, I plan to do the same.  I love the thought that teachers are using these same notes to send messages to other Veterans and service members!

Have a great weekend!

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