Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Learning about Homes through The Three Little Pigs

Hey,everyone!  I hope your summer is off to a great start, or if you're not on break yet, hang in there!  I'm back today with a post explaining how I use one of my resources in my own classroom.  

Today, I'm going to highlight my Homes featuring The Three Little Pigs Resource.
  It is resource that incorporates using both fiction and nonfiction stories to learn about different types of homes.

I start with the story of The Three Little Pigs.  After reading the story, we take time to practice summarizing the story using the S/W/B/W model, somebody/wanted/but/so.  Using that framework, I will provide an example summarizing of the story, then let the children have a chance to summarize the story, using the S/W/B/S stepping stones. 

Next, we will  focus on comparing the three types of houses that the pigs built and brainstorm the pros and cons of each kind of house writing our ideas on a chart that is included in the pack.  Finally, I will ask the children to write about which type of house they would like to live in and why.  

In the next lesson, I introduce the nonfiction book I have about different kinds of houses. First, we discuss the different parts of a nonfiction book, looking for examples of those features in our book.  After reading the story, we look at 8 different types of houses from around the world.  I have included a map of the world, and children will cut and paste the pictures of the houses to the map.

They use Venn diagrams to compare two or three different types of houses.  Finally, they work collaboratively to complete a class book entitled, Where Would You Like to Live?  
In the format of the story, they are asked to think about where they would like to live, tell something that would be fun about living there, and then think of something that might be a problem with living there.  I encourage my children to really think out of the box on this one!

So that's how I use that!  

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