Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Big Finish!

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It's May!  How did it get to be May already?  I hope your school year has been as wonderful as mine.  I have the best group of firsties this year, and I'm really going to be sad to see this year end. 
One of the events that mark the end of the year is the annual Teachers Pay Teachers teacher appreciation sale.  I've teamed up with a group of my teacher friends to bring you a great giveaway!  We have three $50 TpT gift cards to give away.  Just click on the image above to visit the Rafflecopter and your chance to win big!  

Free Finish Line Resources for You!

I have a few end of the year free resources in my store to share with you.  One is this summer reading log.  If you give a suggested summer reading list, and you'd like your incoming students to have some accountability, they can use these quick and easy reading response forms to log their reading.  The forms are of varying difficulties, so students and parents can choose the one that best fits their ability.  Click on the picture to download this item from my store.

Battlefield Cross


I have gone back and forth with this resource so many times because of the rifle and the ongoing issues with school shootings, but I do believe that in the right context, the context of military and trained men protecting our country, it does have a place.
With an ex-Marine son, this image of the Battlefield Cross has always haunted me. It's a poignant way that warriors on the battlefield honor those lost during a battle on site, and since Memorial Day is about remembering those who have died during battle, I decided to include it.
I personally would not choose to use this with my first graders, but perhaps older grades with the accompanying explanation sent home along with the project would find it useful.
If you would like to use this, click on the picture to download the resource.

Basic Facts Automaticity Practice 

I've been using this fun and fast game with my firsties since the beginning of the fourth quarter, and they are getting wicked fast with their basic facts within 10.
They are not so fast with facts 11 to 20, but I see them applying strategies to quickly solve the problems.  If they seem stuck, I'll yell out a strategy for them to try, like doubles plus one or count on from the bigger number. 
It's fun.  It's fast.  And it's great to use to fill time between lessons when you're waiting for some students to finish.
Click the picture to download!

End of the Easter Season Religion Resources

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The Ascension of Jesus

Finally, I have two religion resources available to finish out the Easter season.  You can click on the picture to check out The Ascension of Jesus lap book resource.  There are many components that can be used together, separately, or independent of each other.  Whatever fits your needs!
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And finally, there is this religion resource that marks the end of the Easter season.  Both resources are child friendly, telling the stories in simple ways that the children can understand and relate to, and finishing the Easter timeline and the transition back into ordinary time.  Click the pictures if you're interested in checking these out.

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