Sunday, September 9, 2018

Johnny Appleseed Craft Freebie? Yes, please!

With Johnny Appleseed Day fast approaching, I wanted to share this little Johnny Appleseed craft freebie with you.  It's part of my day-long unit of everything apples.  My children always enjoy this day!  We integrate everything apples across the curriculum all day long.  First, I invite parents into the classroom to help us with center rotation activities. They include making applesauce, taste-testing various apple-based products, listening to a story and making apple star stamps, and a Johnny Appleseed directed drawing station.  Here is the video we use. You will need to stop the video at various points to let the children draw what she demonstrates since she goes pretty fast!

johnny appleseed directed drawing

After center rotations are done, we gather for whole group lessons in math, science, and social studies.  In math, we make a graph about our favorite apple foods we tasted and interpret the data.  We also play an apple seed addition game.  Then, in language arts, I read the Steven Kellogg version of the story of Johnny Appleseed to the children, we sequence the events of the story, then the children work with a partner to illustrate the story.
Then, for religion or social studies, we make the wreath craft freebie.  If you would like to look at the complete Johnny Appleseed Theme for a Day Freebie, click the picture above.

Where do you get your Johnny Appleseed Craft Freebie?

I've just described what I do during my Johnny Appleseed theme for a day activities, but today, I have just for you, the Johnny Appleseed craft freebie.  It's a super cute wreath the kids can make during religion or social studies.  Then you add the ribbon bow and a loop for hanging.  They make a wonderful, colorful display in the classroom.  Since I've included both a religious version and a non-religious version, you can use it no matter where you teach!

Johnny Appleseed Craft Freebie
I hope you enjoy this little Johnny Appleseed craft freebie as much as  I have over the years.  The kids are always so proud to take them home and hang them up to celebrate all things fall.  It's also a great opportunity to bond with the kids outside of the normal classroom activities.  By inviting parents in to help, you will start to establish those important teacher/parent relationships.

If you're looking for a few other Johnny Appleseed freebies, you can find a subtraction game here, and a comprehension coloring sheet here.
Until next time. . .

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