Thursday, September 5, 2013

So Excited! How Excited? More excited than a kid on Christmas Eve!

Hey all. I'm sorry for neglecting you, my blog, and everything else in my life. This week has been super hectic. If you remember back in late May, early June, I talked about my son graduating and leaving for Marine boot camp. 

June 15, 2013 -- Chubby cheeks and all
Well, God willing, next week he will graduate, and we are heading out Monday for Parris Island. I'm so excited I can't stand it!

Right now, for those of you who understand this, he is in the middle of the Crucible. It started at 2 AM this morning. I"m glad I'm so busy at school because it doesn't leave me much time to worry.

In order to leave next week, I had to have open house for my parents last night because I will not be there during the open house. I also had to plan for a whole week of lessons, obviously. Whew! That is a LOT of work. But it's all done now, and after tomorrow, I can look forward to finally, after 13 long weeks of no contact except letters, seeing, talking, to, and hugging my baby again.

So I promise to pay more attention to you after next week with giveaways, rafflecopters, and freebies! For now, check out the TTT blog post I did on substitute binders if you haven't seen it, and download your free binder covers and pages.

My principal came in yesterday after school while I was setting up all the binders, and she was very impressed with how organized they made everything for the sub. I'm pretty impressed, too. 
Click here to read how I used my sub binders to plan a week's worth of plans,
Until September 15, everyone, Semper Fi and Oorah! 

Around mid July, 2013.  He is the one you see in profile by the open door.  Can you believe the change in him in just two very long months?

God bless all the recruits of Papa and Delta Companies as they go through the Crucible and come out the other side as United States Marines!

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