Saturday, December 29, 2018

Welcome the New Year with Dollar Deals!

This Christmas break needs to s---l---o---w  d---o---w---n!  I can't believe how fast a week has passed.  I've had such a nice break, though, visiting family, having at least one pajama day, doing a little shopping, and catching up on shows on Netflix.  I've also managed to clean the house up, catch up on laundry, and do some experimental cooking with my new pressure cooker.

But, soon enough, it will be time to head back to school.  To help you plan for your back to school, some blogger friends and I throwing two days worth of dollar deal sales.  Two days, two products per day, and over 30 bloggers participating!  You will be able to plan out all of January with these resources!!

For December 30th, I will have these two resources on sale:

How to Writing is prefect for starting to get your firsties writing in an organized way.  The January edition starts with writing an introduction, two supporting details, and conclusion.  Subsequent editions, February through May, build on those four sentences by introducing transitional phrases and adding a 3rd detail sentence.  By the end of the series, your firsties will be able to write a 5-sentence paragraph using transitional phrases. 
click the above picture to see this resource up close

Celebrate the New Year 2019 is a complete resource for that first day back after Christmas break.  Although the photos might show a different year, I go in and update this resource to the upcoming year each December so it is ready to be used again and again and again! There are language arts activities to complete that include reading and writing about New Year's Resolutions, alphabetical order, and more.

It also includes a add/subtract and color by sum or difference math resource and a 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, 1 less interactive notebook page that builds off the New Year 2019.
And for social studies, there is a PowerPoint story about New Year Celebrations around the World, and a flip booklet for the children to put together based on the PowerPoint story.
Click on any of the pictures above to see this resource in my store

Happy New Year and Happy shopping, everyone!

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