Monday, September 2, 2019

A Grandparent's Day No Strings Attached Freebie

Grandparent's Day Freebie       
Did you know Grandparent's Day is the first Sunday after Labor Day in September?  It is quickly approching, and since Grandparents do so much for the children we teach, I created this awesome freebie for the children to make and celebrate their grandparents.  Each booklet comes with a ribbon, a booklet, and a coupon book freebie.

But what about children who celebrate Grandparent's Day with multiple sets of grandparents?

I know that not all children have the same number of grandparents, so I've handled it this way.  However many grandparents the child has, I run off that number of ribbons.  The children can make a ribbon for each grandparent because it is quick and easy to do.
Then, for each set of grandparents living together, they make one card booklet and one coupon book.  If the grandparent is a widow or widower, they make a card booklet and a coupon book for that grandparent.   This project is not a one-and-done type project.  It can take a few days to make sure all the grandparents are covered.  But it is also definitely worth the effort!  Anything for our grandparents, right?

How can I get this awesome, no-strings-attached freebie?

I'm glad you asked!  It's super easy to get this freebie.  Just click on the picture below, and it will take you directly to my store, where you can download this freebie.  That's it! Easy-peasy. 

Here's a great way to organize kid's thoughts about their grandparents before they start making their cards using an anchor chart that you create together.
                                                          Grandparent's Day anchor chart
Thanks for reading!  Have a great week!

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