Friday, June 21, 2019

Computer Desktop Organizers for Messy Desktops

Do you need computer desktop organizers to clean up your messy, disorganized desktop?  Are you tired of sorting through little icons on your desktop, wondering where that new file you are working on went?  Do you have to search online to find a monthly calendar for reference when working at your computer?  If so, I've got the perfect forever freebie for you! 

computer desktop organizer in use        
sample view of June computer desktop organizer

What is it?

This forever freebie is a zip file of PNGs of each month from July 2019 through June 2020.  When you set them as the background on your computer desktop, you will have the monthly calendar at your fingertips for easy reference.  Each month has four boxes to sort your files into.  You simply sort and organize whatever is on your desktop into the appropriate box.  In "tools," I have various tools that I use often when working on the computer.  PowerPoint templates I use in my work go into "Misc. Stuff" as well as a file of square cover makers, and files for various promotions I'm involved in at the time.  The "working on" section has files and PPTs of various resources I'm working on at the time.  I put things that I've downloaded but haven't looked through and sorted out yet  in "to file."  I really love how everything I need is at my fingertips and I know exactly where it is on my desktop.

How do you set the PNG as your desktop background?

Setting the PNG as your desktop background is super easy to do.  First unzip the file. Then put your cursor over the month you want to use. Next, right click on the image. Finally, click on the "set as desktop background."  It's that easy.  From there, you can sort out your files to your satisfaction. 

How do I get these free computer desktop organizers?

To get these free computer desktop organizers, simply click on the picture below!  

computer desktop oganizers   
 Click on picture to download

While we're talking calendars, maybe you are in need of some free hard copy calendars to use in your classroom.  You can find some really cute, free doggie-themed calendars by clicking here.  These are open-ended, so all you have to do to use them each year is write the numbers in the correct box!

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