Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's All Fun and Games -- Hopscotch!

Today, we want to send you on a wild game of hopscotch, hopscotching through our blogs to collect various games you can use in your classroom!

This is

And today, I have a great freebie game for you.  This is a spelling gameboard I pulled out of my Quick Activities for Spelling pack.  
click the picture to download the freebie

This is a great game to use either as teams (you can project it onto a board and use circles to keep track of the teams), or with the children working with partners.  I let my students use it on Friday mornings after they finish their morning work.  They are allowed to work as teams, so four children playing all together, two teams of two.  The children would get out their spelling notebooks, and first they had to give each other words from the current spelling list.  Then, they could go back to any lesson to quiz each other on the words.  One team gives the word, the other team spells.  The first team checks the spelling, and if it is correct, the second team moves forward a space.  Then they switch, and the second team gives the word, the first team spells, and the second team checks.  They continue until someone wins the game.  My students really looked forward to Friday mornings and spelling game time.

As I said, this is part of my larger spelling unit, Quick Spelling Activities
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As a special bonus to this game, I will have this resource on sale for 50% off all day tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy the hopscotch freebie!

Your next stop is going to be at the fabulous Sugar and Spice blog.  Just click on the button below to visit Christina!

Have fun playing hopscotch, and have a fabulous Sunday!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wow, 2 posts in one day -- Worksheet Wednesday

Wow, I love these summer blogging ideas that make blogging so easy.  I just hooked up with Wordless Wednesday, and, now, I'm linking up with Worksheet Wednesday!

Yesterday, I put my resource "Ice Cream Rules" on sale for 50% off.  Today, I am offering you a free sample from that packet.  If you like what you see, I left the resource 50% off today as well.

To get these samples, click on the pictures.

If you like the samples, click here to visit my store and purchase the resource for 50% off.

Thanks for visiting my blog and link up! 

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Wordless Wednesday and Red Solo Cup

Yay, I found time (and a good picture) to link up again with Wordless Wednesday.  In celebration of summer, I bring you
This red solo cup contains a concoction of coconut rum, ice cream, and Kahlua blended to creamy perfection.  I made it up (I think).  It doesn't have a name.  But it is good around a campfire with friends.

How do you like to celebrate summer?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two for Tuesday and Monday Meet Up Mashup with The Teaching Tribune

Hi Friends!  I'm excited to link up again with The Teaching Tribune for the Summer  Blogging series.  Isn't this fun?  I'm going to squish two posts into one because I was insanely busy yesterday playing Mom's Taxi for my daughter.  She had vacation bible school, field hockey camp, and piano lessons.  I swear, sometimes I feel like it would be easier to go to work...well, maybe not.

Anyway, I'll start with my Two for Tuesday items.  Today I'm going to offer you my Ice Cream Rules resource for half off.
Click the picture above to visit and view this resource.

This is a series of 8 games that reviews key math skills taught in first grade.  It would also make a great review for the beginning of second grade.  Each game comes in all black and white and color.  

I am also offering you my Progressive Writing Rubrics.  These are a set of great little rubrics that clearly lay out your increasing writing expectations for each quarter.  Very helpful at conference time as well when you're trying to explain to parents what you expect as far as writing.
 Click the picture to view this item in my store

And three things you didn't know about me...

So there you have it.  My TwoforTuesday Monday Meet Me Mashup.  Have  a great day everyone!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Homes Featuring the Three Little Pigs

Whoop, whoop!  My newest blog post is up on Hameray blog.  Head on over to see how I use fiction and nonfiction texts to learn about  homes.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

More Fun and Games: Scavenger Hunt!

It’s time for more Fun and Games and this one has a prize attached to it!

This week’s game is a Scavenger Hunt!

In order to play, find the picture below somewhere in another post on my blog.  After you find the picture, record the title of the blog post and enter it in the Rafflecopter at
The Teaching Tribune.

This is the picture that you’re looking for:

One lucky person will win a $20 TPT gift card.
You can earn extra entries for pinning this post.  Copy your pin and enter it into the Rafflecopter.
Be sure to visit all of our blogs for the most chances to win!

An InLinkz Link-up

While you're here, have you heard about the two great sales that started yesterday and will continue through today?  Take a look at the buttons below for more information!  A great chance to shop for back-to-school.

Have a great Sunday, everyone, and good luck on the Scavenger Hunt!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Worksheet Wednesday Linky

Yay!  I missed hooking up with The Teaching Tribune on Monday and Tuesday because I've been sick.  I suspect one of my little dumplings might have passed it on last week as he or she walked out the door for the last time.  Not only did it knock me down, but it got my hubby and daughter as well!  Ah, well, such is the life of a teacher.

But the good news is I'm feeling a bit better and at least able to sit up for more than 10 minutes at time!  So I'm joining up with Worksheet Wednesday to offer you this amazing ELA freebie worksheet.
click picture above to download your freebie!
This worksheet comes from my larger resource, Seasons.  I make these as a supplement to the Journeys first grade reading series, but I do not base the activities on the stories specifically.  I base them on the SKILLS being taught during that particular story.  As a result, many people who do not use the Journeys series have said these worksheets are helpful to them as well. 
click here to visit my store and view the resources.
Each resource contains at least 12 pages focusing on skills taught during the unit.  This has been a work in progress, so I will be adding more resources all summer long to this series.

Here's some of  the feedback I've received on these resources.

Cannot wait to include this with my Lesson 13 activities! I would absolutely purchase any additional packs that you create! This is comprehensive and thorough! These supplemental materials make learning engaging and fun for my firsties! Thank you!

These always make such a nice addition to teaching the Journey's lessons. Thank you

Another wonderful supplement to our reading series! I can't wait to use this with my firsties!

Thanks so much for taking a look.  I hope you enjoy the freebie!  Click on the picture below to visit the Teaching Tribune and see what other people have linked up!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Worksheet Wednesday

Hi everyone, it's worksheet Wednesday Linky day, where we hook you up with a single page worksheet from our blog post.  Today I'm going to hook you up with a sample from my Whimsical Math Centers resource.

Click the picture above to download your free worksheet.   Enjoy!

Be sure to visit the link up at The Teaching Tribune for more worksheets!

Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two For Tuesday!

Linking up with the Teaching Tribune again to offer you two great resources at 50% off.  This weekend I took part in the Crazy Eights giveaway with some blogging buddies.  For my Two For Tuesday sale, I've decided to take the two most requested items and make them 50% off today.

Lots of people must be thinking about back to school, because both bundles are back-to-school and fall themed.  I haven't even finished school yet, but I know some of you are well into your summer vacation, so I guess it's okay if you're thinking back-to-school already.
click the picture to view this resource in my store.

lick the picture to view this resource in my store.

Be sure to visit The Teaching Tribune to see other resources being offered at a great discount!
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So have a great Tuesday everyone!  After this day, I will be down to 1/2 day of school left!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Meet ME!

Continuing the summer fun with the Ladies of The Teaching Tribune in today's Monday Meet Me!  link up.

Here are some tidbits of information about me that you may not know.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Let the Summer Games Begin!

Are you ready for a summer full of relaxation and rejuvenation?
How about some fun and games?
Well I've teamed up with some fabulous friend, who also happen to be amazing bloggers, for
We know that right now you're probably not even thinking about next school year and dreaming of the leisurely days of summer, but we know that in a blink of an eye summer will be over.
So we wanted to add some fun and excitement to this summer.
Follow along with us for giveaways, contests and FREEBIES!
There will be something new every week and a ton of fun along the way.
If you "play your cards right" you just might be a winner.
Today kicks off all of the fun with a game of Crazy 8s!
Be sure to tune into our Facebook page for all of the details.
click the picture above to visit my FB page and enter my giveaway
Be sure to get in on all the fun while you can, because once it's back to school time, it'll be "game over".
So, what do you think...are you game?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wordless Wednesday -- Sunny Summer Sunday

Linking up for Sugar and Spice's Wordless Wednesday linky!

Sunny Summer Sunday!

How do you like to spend Sunny Summer Sundays?

Click here to visit Sugar and Spices blog for other Wordless Wednesday posts.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Two for Tuesday Linky!

Hi friends! I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune today to bring you two resources at 50% off on Two For Tuesday!

If you're getting close to the end of the year, "When Summer Comes" is a great resource that will help make the last few days go easier.  I use it every year with my class, and they love the autograph book included.  It's a great, fun way to end the year.  

On sale for $2.00 all day Tuesday!  Click either picture above to visit TpT and purchase this resource.

How about some fun and engaging math SMARTBoard games?  These are skills first grade typically works on in the last quarter, and they would also make great review games for second grade at the beginning of the year. 

Six math SMARTBoard games for only $4.00!  Click either picture above to visit TpT for a closer look.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!  We're down to 5 1/2 days! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Using paired texts to Teach Personal Safety

In case you didn't see it, here is my latest post on the Hameray blog!

Click the picture above to visit Hameray blog and get a free copy of the activites I used.

I am having a 1-day $1 sale in my store of my 16 top wishlisted items.  

Click the pictures above to visit my $1 sale page.

Have a great day, everyone!  I will be enjoying the day by the pool, relaxing and recharging for my next to last week of school.  Are you done yet?

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