Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two for Tuesday and Monday Meet Up Mashup with The Teaching Tribune

Hi Friends!  I'm excited to link up again with The Teaching Tribune for the Summer  Blogging series.  Isn't this fun?  I'm going to squish two posts into one because I was insanely busy yesterday playing Mom's Taxi for my daughter.  She had vacation bible school, field hockey camp, and piano lessons.  I swear, sometimes I feel like it would be easier to go to work...well, maybe not.

Anyway, I'll start with my Two for Tuesday items.  Today I'm going to offer you my Ice Cream Rules resource for half off.
Click the picture above to visit and view this resource.

This is a series of 8 games that reviews key math skills taught in first grade.  It would also make a great review for the beginning of second grade.  Each game comes in all black and white and color.  

I am also offering you my Progressive Writing Rubrics.  These are a set of great little rubrics that clearly lay out your increasing writing expectations for each quarter.  Very helpful at conference time as well when you're trying to explain to parents what you expect as far as writing.
 Click the picture to view this item in my store

And three things you didn't know about me...

So there you have it.  My TwoforTuesday Monday Meet Me Mashup.  Have  a great day everyone!

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