Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two For Tuesday!

Linking up with the Teaching Tribune again to offer you two great resources at 50% off.  This weekend I took part in the Crazy Eights giveaway with some blogging buddies.  For my Two For Tuesday sale, I've decided to take the two most requested items and make them 50% off today.

Lots of people must be thinking about back to school, because both bundles are back-to-school and fall themed.  I haven't even finished school yet, but I know some of you are well into your summer vacation, so I guess it's okay if you're thinking back-to-school already.
click the picture to view this resource in my store.

lick the picture to view this resource in my store.

Be sure to visit The Teaching Tribune to see other resources being offered at a great discount!
click the picture to Visit the Teaching Tribune.

So have a great Tuesday everyone!  After this day, I will be down to 1/2 day of school left!

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