Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's All Fun and Games -- Hopscotch!

Today, we want to send you on a wild game of hopscotch, hopscotching through our blogs to collect various games you can use in your classroom!

This is

And today, I have a great freebie game for you.  This is a spelling gameboard I pulled out of my Quick Activities for Spelling pack.  
click the picture to download the freebie

This is a great game to use either as teams (you can project it onto a board and use circles to keep track of the teams), or with the children working with partners.  I let my students use it on Friday mornings after they finish their morning work.  They are allowed to work as teams, so four children playing all together, two teams of two.  The children would get out their spelling notebooks, and first they had to give each other words from the current spelling list.  Then, they could go back to any lesson to quiz each other on the words.  One team gives the word, the other team spells.  The first team checks the spelling, and if it is correct, the second team moves forward a space.  Then they switch, and the second team gives the word, the first team spells, and the second team checks.  They continue until someone wins the game.  My students really looked forward to Friday mornings and spelling game time.

As I said, this is part of my larger spelling unit, Quick Spelling Activities
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As a special bonus to this game, I will have this resource on sale for 50% off all day tomorrow.  I hope you enjoy the hopscotch freebie!

Your next stop is going to be at the fabulous Sugar and Spice blog.  Just click on the button below to visit Christina!

Have fun playing hopscotch, and have a fabulous Sunday!


  1. Such a simple idea for a game that will work really well in my classroom as a paired game - thank you!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. This looks like a fun way to review. Thanks!


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