Friday, December 14, 2012

Heavy Heart

I came to post about a giveaway, but it just doesn't seem like the thing to do right now. My heart is heavy, thinking about all those innocent children in Conneticut, and all those families whose lives are being turned upside down by this tradgedy. I can't make sense of it, just as I've not been able to make sense of any school shootings anywhere in the world. Why?

As teachers, we can't help but think about our own school situations. We know no place is immune, but are we doing all we can to make our schools the safest they can be? Schools are run by routines, and anyone with bad intent just has to study those routines to figure out a way to get in. All we can do is keep our doors locked, stay alert, and practice our emergency procedures. And keep a big bat by our classroom doors.

Please pray for the children, staff, and families of Sandy Hook Elementary.

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