Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reindeer Games!

I posted about craft day, and I posted about getting sick soon after. Now, I want to share a craft that we make every year. It's so cute and easy to make! Many thanks to my first grade teaching partner of many years who shared this craft with me my first year at my school. Glitter and this craft are two things that always make me smile and remember her!

So here's how you make this adorable reindeer.

1.  Gather up your supplies.  Here's all that you need.

smallish red pom for the nose, smallish googly eyes, two clothespins, and geegaws to dress up the antlers, and craft glue.  I get all these at the dollar store  and can have enough supplies for a whole class for about 6 dollars. 

2.  Next, glue the two clothespins together as pictured.
3.  Then glue on the red nose and the googly eyes.


4  Glue on the antler geegaws to dress it up, and you have a super-cute reindeer ornament to send home.


You can glue an ornament hanger on the back to hang it in a tree or clip in the tree.  Either way, it makes a great addition to the tree or a great gift for a relative!  Enjoy!


  1. I am sure that your students really enjoyed this craft! I remember having something just like this on my tree growing up!

  2. They do enjoy it every year. I've branched out with other crafts I've found on Pinterest, but this one is still the easiest and cutest!


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