Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Miracle for Miracle

Hi everyone!  Please take the time to read this and donate if you would like to.

Mrs.  Smarty Pants is having a fundraiser over at her blog for a little girl in her school who went in for a routine physical and came out with leukemia.  The little girl's name is Miracle, and her family is struggling to make ends meet.

The staff at Samantha's school put their heads together to come up with ways to raise money, and Samantha called on some wonderful TPT blogging friends for a product donation.  She wound up with 31 awesome St. Patrick's Day and spring products (an approximately $110.00 value) that she is selling for a donation of $25.00

I'm going to send you over to her blog for the complete story, to see exactly what products you'll be getting when you donate,  and details on  how to donate and receive your package of products.  I hope you will consider donating!

Have a great evening and count your blessings when you tuck your healthy children into bed tonight.  I know I will be.

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