Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 4 of the "For the Love of Teaching Blog Hop"!

Welcome, everyone, to day 4 of the For the Love of Teaching 14 Day  Freebie Blog Hop!  Special thanks to our friend, Mel (Graphics from the Pond) for designing our unique buttons for each day!
day 4

Aren't you loving all these freebies?  Samantha,  Cyndie, and Cynthia all had fantastic freebies to share with you.   I can't wait to work all these activities into my plans for this week!  My kiddos are going to love, Love, LOVE all of them!

I'm excited to share my free item with you today.  It's called "Love Me True," and the idea is to read an addition or subtraction problem and decide if it is true or false. If answered correctly, you get to move your marker the number of spaces written on the owl on the math fact card.   I played it with my math group on Friday, and they loved it!

Love Me True Math_PDF

The first time we played, we did it as a whole group with the girls against the boys and I was coach/judge/moderator so that I could make sure they understood how to play the game.

We gathered as a group with the board in the middle and the cards in one pile,  face down.
My Project 2-001

Pick a card and read the math problem.  Decide if it is true or false.  If it is false, tell why.

My Project 2-002

Use the number line to check and see if the person has given the correct answer.

My Project 2-003

If answered correctly, move your game piece the number of spaces on the owl on your card.  Follow any directions that are on the game board.

My Project 2-004

The game I played with my children is in black and white because I printed it out on the copier.  But the download is in full color as shown above!

The girls won the group game, and we ran out of time before we could partner up and play the game, so we are going to do that today.

I hope you enjoy this freebie, and please do come back and let me know how it worked out in your classroom!   Click on the picture below to download "Love Me True" from my TPT store.

Love Me True - A Common Core Correlated Subtraction Game_Page_01

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Next stop is Mrs. Fultz's Corner, where my friend, Christi,  will have another fun freebie for you tomorrow.  So be sure to come back tomorrow to click through and  hop on over to Christi's blog.

Ms. Fultz's corner

Enjoy your day!

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