Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting Back into the Groove

Here it is, Saturday evening, and I survived my first two days back to school. I'm glad to have them behind me so that we can now settle into our routine again.

Thanks to TPT and the many fabulous activities posted there, we had a smooth transition back. I used my "Read and Write about My New Year's Resolution"  packet in language arts class.


I was amazed by some of the resolutions the kids made, like practice more to become a better swimmer and become a better dancer and get my yellow belt in karate.  They really understood the idea of making a resolution to change or improve something.  The resolution magnets are waiting to be laminated, and the the kids will take them home.

As with most of my projects, it took two days to get through the activities. I should know if I plan for one day, it will take my kids two. (Of course, we did have shortened periods on Friday because of mass in the morning.)
You can get the eSource (for free) by clicking on the picture below.  If you'd rather contribute to my family's finances,  you can buy the packet from my TPT store. (ha, ha)

I resolvejpg_Page1
In math, I'm using the fabulous freebie Cynthia Vautrot had in the newsletter last week, "Happy New Year Countdown." 


My kids have completed the ordering the numbers from greatest to least activity and the place value sort.  Since I teach first, I had to modify the approach a bit.  I couldn't use them as independent centers, but I did use them as guided learning lessons.  First I demonstrated on the SMARTBoard, then the kids partnered up to work on the worksheets.  They were so excited to be doing 2d grade work!  If you missed the freebie in the newsletter, click the picture above to visit Cynthia's store.
ordering numbers 2
Yay! We did it!

ordering numbers
540, 526, 581 -- that's not right!

I hope your first few days back go (or went) as smoothly as mine did!

I have a new mega -- and I mean MEGA -- giveaway for you to enter.  Renee over at Fantastic First Grade Froggies has five different prize packets to give away.  My offering is in packet #3, "The Long and Short of It, O Sound." Just click on the button below to head on over to her blog and take your chances in her giveaway.

Good luck to any who enter!

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