Friday, January 25, 2013

Simple Spanish Words to Learn and a 50% off sale!!

I teach elementary Spanish -- very elementary Spanish -- to first and second graders at my school.  We have a series of videos we watch, and there are activities to go with them, but, much like activities in teacher's manuals all over the US, they are a bit -- er -- well -- blah.  Boring.  Snooze-inducing.   So very often, I come up with my own activities to complement our lessons.

One thing we do is sing, sing, sing.  I can play the guitar.  I'll never be a rock star, but I know basic chords and can usually figure out which chords go where to complement the melody of the song.  So we sing a lot.  We sing about animals and weather and hello and goodbye and numbers.  We sing about my name is and his or her name is.  We sing about hidden colors.

I also like to make simple flashcards.  So versatile, and I can make up all kinds of games to go with those flashcards.   Games like "Qual falta," where I put up all the flashcards and tell the kids to cover their eyes, then take one away.  They have to tell, in Spanish, which thing is missing.  Whoever gets it right gets to -- wait for it -- TAKE THE NEXT CARD AWAY and call on the next person.  Complete, utter elementary joy, being PUT IN CHARGE!  We can also play Yo tengo, Quién tiene with the flashcards.  When we get to the end, the last person says Yo tengo ________, no mas!  Below is a link to download my first set of vocabulary cards.  I sell these in my TPT store, but they're free if you follow my blog.  : )  (For some reason, page 6 looks slightly smaller in the PDF, but it prints out the correct size)
Spanish Vocabulary corrected_Page_1
FREE FOR YOU! 16 Spanish vocabulary flashcards. Greetings and numbers 1-10.

I also like to create little flip and flap books for the kids to use to remember vocabulary.  I like to have them create little books using VERY basic vocabulary and sentence structure.  I just created a new Spanish eSource, "Simple Spanish Words to Learn:  La Familia"  It includes names for immediate family members, and foldable flap book, and an eight page mini book for the kids to write about their families.  You can take a look at it by clicking on the picture below.


As an added bonus, here is a link to download a bonus PDF, available only through my blog of a cut and paste worksheet that goes along with this eSource.


If you like these activities, be sure to check out the other Spanish items in my store.  All these products are going to be listed at 50% in my  store for the next three days, March 9-March 11, 2013!

Yo Veo...El Dia de Halloween - A Halloween Spanish BeginneSpanish Days of the Week and Spanish Response Prompt
Simple Spanish Words to Learn:  La FamiliaSpanish Flashcards Numbers 1-20 including Tengo,  Quién tieneWhich Witch's Hat? - Halloween English/Spanish Color Word CenterYo Veo . . . El Dia de Halloween

I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to Spanish called Spanish Activities and Lessons.  It covers a wide range of abilities.  You can see it here.

For more great freebies, check out Freebie Friday at Teaching Blog Addict.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Thanks so much for the freebies and ideas for games! I just noticed one little typo- 'seite' instead of 'siete'.
    Thanks again!

  2. Thanks so much for pointing that out to me! I've made the correction. I hope you enjoy using the flashcards with your children!

  3. Very useful for all these words to learn spanish because i'm really working hard to get it, thanks!


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