Monday, January 28, 2013

Pennsylvania Fun Facts for Kids

I'm very excited about my new unit, Pennsylvania Fun Facts for Kids, because it's the first time I've really ventured beyond my comfort zone of first grade products.

This eSource covers a range of grade levels, from 1st through 4th.  Some of the simpler concepts, such as states that border PA can be completed by first graders with the aid of a map, up to 4th graders as a quick quiz.  It also delves into the five regions of PA and the basic landform and traits that define each region.  It includes mapping activities and some fun language arts word building integration

The booklet, which my first graders illustrated as part of our Gingerbread exchange project, gives information about state symbols and background about the why Pennsylvania is called the Keystone State, and briefly discusses the typical weather in Pennsylvania.

Here's the fun part for you!  As a thank-you for following my blog, I'm putting the border states page for you free on my blog.  You can get it by clicking on the picture below.


Have a great Monday!

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