Sunday, March 10, 2013

Numbers and Operations in Base 10 Flash Freebie is ON!

** UPDATE to the update**  The flash freebie is over, as is the half-off sale.  But, since I see new pins today, for the next four days, I am knocking $2.00 off the regular price of $5.00.  So you can get this item for only $3.00 from now until Saturday, March 16 until 11:59 PM EST.

UPDATE**The Flash Freebie has ended!  If you missed it, you can still get this item 50% off the regular price for the rest of the evening until tomorrow morning.**

From now until 6:30 PM EST, my newest product, Numbers and Operations in Base 10 Common Core Braintwisters;  Springy Thingies will be FREE!  Click the picture below to claim yours from my TPT store.

10 more 10 less-001
Click the pic to download your flash freebie!

Hope you get yours!

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