Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All That Glitters...

Can I just say I really, really dislike working with glitter?  I pull it out once a year to use with the kids, and today was the day.  The Christmas cinnamon ornaments we made last week were finally dry, after 5 days of flipping them over, and today was the day to break out the glitter.

When I first started teaching, glitter was these huge chunks of whatever it is that glitter is made of -- messy, but at least able to be cleaned up.  Today's glitter is a whole different story.  It reminds me of sugary sand.  It gets everywhere and is so hard to clean up.  There was glitter in the bottom of the tub tonight after my shower.  I think there might still be glitter in my hair.

As much as I loathe glitter, that's how much the kids love it.  "Oh," they say, with eyes the size of saucers, shining brightly, "Are we using glitter today?  Can we use any color we want?  Can we use ALL the colors at once?"  Seriously, they did ask me that.

"Knock yourselves out, kids."  I tell them. "This is the one day a year we use glitter in 208, so go crazy."

And they do.

Even I have to admit that the glitter on the cinnamon ornaments adds a certain Je ne sais quoi.  They sparkle and shine in the Christmas lights. It almost matches the Christmas sparkle and shine in the kids' eyes when they see their glittered ornaments.  And that is why, despite my intense dislike of glitter, I still pull it out once a year.

(I took some really cute photos to use with this post, but since I upload to Facebook then download to computer and upload to blog, and Facebook is being wonky tonight and won't upload my photos, you will have to visualize along with the above post.)

And  yes, tomorrow is the Fifth Day of the Teacher's 12 Days of Christmas 50% off sale.

I will be offering my #1 top selling product (since it is a full moon)
This resource, normally $3.00, will be $1.50 until midnight tomorrow night.

It contains an informational text booklet telling about moon phases and the moon phases clock interactive craft in a zipped file.

Have a great day, everyone, and try to keep the glitter to a minimum.


  1. Ugh, I hate glitter too! We can start a support group. The moon phases is in my cart Thanks so much!!


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