Monday, December 23, 2013

Days 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 -- Whew, Who Knew This Would Be So Hard?

Wow, who knew blogging every day for 12 days straight would be such a challenge?  I thought "Piece of cake.  I can do this.  Whip out a little post.  Add a picture or two.  Easy."  But after a while, all the posts started sounding the same, and I got bored with it myself, so I could only imagine what you all were thinking. Something along the lines of, "Yeah, not reading that post."

So, in the interest of my sanity (as I STILL have shopping and wrapping to do) and your interest level, I'm calling Uncle on my daily posts (as my blogging buddy, Chalk One Up for the Teacher did a few days ago) and posting my last five 50% off items now.  They will stay up until the sometime after Christmas.  I would love to say until X time on X date, but I just don't work that way.  When I get to it, sometime after Christmas, they will go back to full price.

My day 8 item, which I never blogged about, is my Spanish bundle.

Great deal @ 50% off = $3.25

Next up is my day 9 item is January Roll and Cover Games with Mike the Moose.  
50% = $1.50
Mike the Moose really has nothing to do with these games, other than being the clipart I used.  I just liked the way "Mike the Moose" sounded. What's the plus, you might be asking?  Well, these games are differentiated for addition and subtraction to 10 and to 18, and also for 10 more and 10 less.  But that's not the plus.  The plus is that after the items have been rolled and colored, the kids have to write a number sentence to match the number on the item!  Brilliant, right?  Click on the picture below and you can download a free sample of the game to see what I mean.
Look at that face.  I had to work Mike the Moose into the title.

Okay, day 10 item is next.
@50% off = $2.35
This resource includes a lesson plan for introducing transitional words and graphic organizers for pre-writing.  It also includes the personal word wall booklet "How Do I Spell?" for students to keep at their desk for easy reference.  After introducing and practicing using transitional words in whole group writing, there are paragraph puzzles for the children to unscramble and glue down in sequential order to create a paragraph.

Day 11!
I know we're not even done with Advent yet, but you know how quickly the next church season sneaks up on us!  Before you know it, Mardi Gras and then the beginning of Lent will be here.  
Use this to help your children understand that Lent is more than "giving up candy."  Why do we make sacrifices during Lent?  Is these anything else we can do during Lent to get closer to Jesus?  Use this resource to explore the answers to these questions.

And finally Day 12!
Free!  If you stuck with this post this long, you deserve a reward!

You can find any of these items by clicking on the cover of the item.

Wishing you and your families the love, joy, peace, and happiness of this holiday season.  Let go of the stress and focus on the miracles!

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